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Inflatable Toys Save Space And Are Economical To Own!!

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Arm Floats – Perhaps the most popular inflatable toy. Children under five love the toy because it keeps their upper body above the water. They don’t sink in as much and can get around the pool a lot better. Arm floats come in packages of two and are very inexpensive.


Ring Floats – Ring floats are also inexpensive. They are for children ages 5-16. They are not meant as a life preserver. They are fun to dive through, sit on, and just hold on to.


Animal Floats – These toys are a blast to ride. You can sit on dolphins, whales, ducks, turtles, dinosaurs, just to name a few. Children love to see their favorite animal in the pool.


Beach Balls – An old time favorite. A lot of people like to see if they can hold the beach ball under the water. In addition, beach balls are fun to play with on land.


Inflatable Island – An inflatable island is pretty much a large cool looking raft. Some are in the shapes of cubes, castles, and just plain rafts. Islands can hold at least two moderately sized people.

Lounges – When you just want to relax. Inflatable lounges are less costly and easier to store than foam lounges.

Arm Floats increase child mobility and make pool time more fun.

Ring Floats are fun for all ages and make a mini lounge for children.

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