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Foam Toys Are Safer and Last Longer!!

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Foam Toys
Foam toys are a lot more sturdy than inflatable toys, last longer, and are safer (since they don’t lose air).

Foam Noodle - The noodle is a favorite of many pool owners. With a noodle placed between your legs you can float around effortlessly. Noodles are also fun because you can shoot water from the noodle.

Foam Kick Boards – While holding a board it is fun to kick your feet and move around the pool. They are fun to try to stand on even though it is impossible to succeed.

Foam Mat - The difference between a foam mat and a foam board is that the mat is much lighter and more flexible. Mats are a lot easier to maneuver, but offer less buoyancy.

Lounge – The foam lounge chair is preferred to the inflatable because it is more sturdy and durable. Foam lounge chairs have more options than inflatable lounge chairs. Some come with built in arm rests and radios.

Hold onto a foam board and kick around the pool. It's good exercise and fun.
We will be adding more toys and information to this site. Please send pics and information to admin@pool-toys.net