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Dive Toys And Water Guns Are The Favorites!!

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Water Guns – To fire larger water guns, place the barrell in water, pull back to fill, and squeeze together to fire one big stream! These types of guns can shoot up to 75 feet. Small water pistols are fun for a sneak attack since they can easily be hidden under the water.

Dive Toys – Pirates coin or rings are popular items. You can also dive for fish, worms, and clams. If you have an old mason jar take off the lid and you have an instant dive ring.

Fins - Fins help you swim around the pool faster.

Goggles - Goggles help you to see better and protects eyes from chlorine and dirt.

Water Basketball - Pool Basketball hoops sit on the edge and are weighted down with sand or water.

Water Volleyball - A fun game for the whole family. Probably the best overall family game.

Water guns are inexpensive and fun for the whole family.
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