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Pool Toys Make Summer Fun!!
We could all use a little more fun and relaxation.

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Pool Toys
Pool toys make the summer a lot more fun. Pool toys encourage social interaction, relaxation, and exercise. The pool has two primary purposes: Fun and Relaxation.

Pool Games
  • Shark Attack: This is where one person pretends to be a shark and swims around to catch other players. The game is best played with three or more people. Once someone is caught they help to catch the other players. A person is caught after they are touched by another person. It's much like playing tag, except you get to act like a shark and swim.
  • Dive Endurance / Timed Dive: This came can be played with two or more people. Go to the deep end of the pool. Throw a dive toy into the water and wait for it to go to the bottom. Take turns retrieving the dive toy. The person with the most returns wins. Another variation is to bring your waterproof stop watch and time each other to see who can do it the fastest.
  • Sneak Noodle Attack: This game requires two teams of two or more. The object of the game is to see how many people you can sneak up on with the noodle. Some noodles squirt water very well. You can get one point for surprising someone in the pool. You get two points for an unsuspecting person out of the pool. The team with the most points win. This game can be played in many variations. For example, squirt guns or remote control splash toys may be used as well.

Pool Relaxation Tips

1- If there are children, make sure there are enough adults to supervise them adequately.

2- Get a solid foam lounge. They are more comfortable to lay on. You will enjoy the solitude out in the middle of the water.

3- Make a list of items needed. Nothing is more frustrating than running to the house every five minutes. Floating storage chests are a valuable way to save trips in and out of the pool.

4- Ocean and nature music are a fun way to relax by the pool. You may want to consider some wireless outdoor speakers around your pool.

5- If your significant other is around, ask them for a massage.

6- Misters are great for laying by the pool. As you lay on the pool deck, one side of you always gets too hot. If you have a pool mister handy it makes it more comfortable to lay out. If you do not have a pool mister, you may substitute a squirt bottle.

What toys, at a minimum, should you have?

1- Noodles

2- Inflatable Rings

3- Inflatable Chairs and Lounges.

We will be adding more toys and information to this site. Please send pics and information to admin@pool-toys.net